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Lime Academy Watergall is an exciting inclusive two-form primary school in the heart of Bretton, Peterborough.

We are an ambitious and thriving school committed to providing a broad, enriching and inspiring curriculum to all learners.

At Lime Academy Watergall, we strive to create a culture and climate where every member of our community feels successful and nurtured.

We aim to give our learners the very best life chances and want to ensure they are fully prepared for the next stage of their learning journey when they leave Watergall. Staff in all year groups take responsibility for the steps every learner takes towards being the very best they can be by the time they leave in year six.

Every child is supported in making sure they make a strong start in their learning and development when they start their learning journey at Lime Academy Watergall. We support and nurture learners on every step of their journey and celebrate every child's progress.

We are aspirational and committed to work together to achieve these key outcomes:

All learners achieve the very best academic outcomes they are capable of

Learners who have a deep understanding of all curriculum subjects

Every learner to speak in a passionate and authentic way

Aspirational learners who believe anything is possible 

Learners who are confident, resilient and understand it is OK to make mistakes

Learners who are proud of themselves and have a strong sense of worth

Every learner can self-regulate their emotions and communicate in effective social interactions

Learners who show empathy and respect for the views and opinions of others


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Please be advised of the following information with regard to CCTV at the academy.

Images are being monitored and recorded for the purpose of crime-prevention, the prevention of anti-social

behaviour, for the safety of our staff and students and for the protection of 

Lime Trust Offices / Lime Academy Watergall

For further details on our CCTV Policy please contact the academy office on 01733 264238




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