Numeracy at Watergall is delivered through the Primary Advantage Maths Programme (PAMP) which has been written in line with the New National Curriculum. PAMP aims to develop children’s conceptual understanding of maths. This is done by encouraging the use of concrete and pictorial representations of problems to enable children to solve them successfully before moving on to a more abstract approach.

Children in EYFS and KS1 are exposed to ideas at a concrete level with a range of apparatus, such as Numicon, counters, beads and dienes. This helps the children to develop and secure their understanding of the value of numbers. Concrete apparatus continues to be used throughout KS2 in order to re-visit learning around number sense, or to illustrate new concepts.

Once children are secure in their concrete understanding of number, they will move on to using pictorial representations. This may mean diagrams, sketches or using the bar model. These visual examples support the children in moving into use of abstract methods, such as long division. Abstract written methods are taught throughout the school, and Years 2 to 6 have a weekly arithmetic test, as well as a weekly times table challenge.

This learning is underpinned by a strong focus on developing fluency in recalling number facts and the use of mental maths strategies. The aim being that when confronted with a maths problem, the children’s first thought is “Can I do it in my head?”

Each morning at 8:45, every class has a Morning Maths Meeting (MMM) which includes a times table activity, with related division facts, and a counting element. Short and snappy reasoning and problem solving activities are included in the MMM, such as ‘true or false’, ‘daily vote’, or ‘sometimes, always, never.’

Each Maths lesson lasts for 1 hour in KS1 and for 1 hour and 15 minutes in KS2.


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